About the Silk Africa Body Care range

A brand new body care range, proudly introduced by Africa Silks and endorsed by Anriette Schoeman. The products are enriched with the biopolymer, Sericin. The silk spinnerettes of Bombyx mori (Silkworm) produce a delicate twin thread of silk and surround it with a protective cover of Sericin during the spinning procedure. This principle, designed by Mother Nature and used successfully for millions of years, is now being copied and perfected to provide an innovative active ingredient for the Silk Africa Body Care range.

Silk softly caresses the skin, gently soothing it and creating a feeling of luxury. The range combines the latest technology with the best that the natural world has to offer. 

The range excludes synthetic fragrances and colourants.

Naturally produced Sericin is the main active ingredient that is used in these products. It is the protein that binds the silk fibres together when cocoons are produced, and it is extracted and purified from the cocoons under strict GMP procedures for use in our range.

As the sericin binds the fibres of the cocoon together, to protect the vulnerable creature inside, so these products were formulated to protect the delicate and vulnerable skin, this is our only defence against the polluted world. The skin, being the largest organ, and our final barrier against environmental factors, it stands to reason that we should take as much care of it as possible.

Sericin has a high affinity to the Keratin present in the skin and hair, creating a film that imparts an immediate and long lasting silky-smooth feeling. The uniform film formed after the application persists even after washing.


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